A word . . .

These installments have been several days apart for a couple of reasons, which I hope you regular readers will understand. One is that I’m spending some amount of time working on new things, and the other is that Dunston’s story always seems in need of some editing attention. And though many of my sentence run on or are spliced together in violation of grammatical rules, I really do make some changes in syntax, punctuation, and diction, as well as in description, etc. 

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. offered eight tips for short story writing, one of which is to aim your writing at one target person. With all my resources I do that — and that person happens to be one of my regular long-distance readers — with the hope that others will share what she gets out of it. I’m lucky to have learned that some others do. 

To all readers of these installments and earlier stories, I invite and welcome responses. 


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