Note on the second story in a series called “Fleeting”

This second story follows the raccoon after her fruitless attempt to break into a campground tent until her death. It’s one of the most violent things I’ve written, and the only violent one involving nonhumans. For that reason, some readers might be put off, though the violence occurs in nature and is part of the conditions animals confront in nature. Be assured it wasn’t written for fun. The patient and careful reader will see the importance of these first two vignettes as the series progresses. If you’re just beginning with this story, scroll down past the immediately preceding one, “The Raccoon’s Sore Snoot,” to my intro to the series.

As I transcribe the stories in my book The Soul in There,  I’m a bit amused by some of the stylistic changes between that first book and my second, At a Loss, in which I play more freely with syntax and punctuation and I tend to combine words rather freely. But the changes are not accidental. I view them as progress.


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