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About Philip O. Jung

Philip O. Jung was born on June 5, 1945 in Chicago, one of three children of Joseph and Margaret Jung. Jung moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1952, and attended Catholic elementary and high schools.

Higher Education: Jung received his Associate of Arts from Grand Rapids Junior College in 1965, his Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Michigan State University (MSU) in 1967, and his Master’s from MSU in 1968.

Career: Jung taught for 34 years at Grand Rapids CommunityCollege: English from 1968-86, Humanities from 1972-2001, and Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics from 1987-2002. He retired in 2002.

Family: Jung married the former Joan Prawdzik in 1967, and they have three children: Jacqueline (b. 1971), Matthew (1974), Joseph (1978).

Other Book: The First 100 Years: Basilica of St. Adalbert 1881-1981, 1981.

Miscellaneous: Jung has traveled extensively in Europe and China.

Many of Jung’s early impressions were formed in Chicago during his childhood, which included monthly visits with relatives even after moving to Michigan. In his early teens, he spent parts of summers in Chicago attending Cubs games with a favorite aunt, romping in Lincoln Park with a friend, and helping an uncle deliver furniture to retail stores around the city. These visits fostered a love for big cities that continues today — from Chicago to New York to London to Shanghai.

In contrast to the love of big cities was a longtime love affair with nature that began in his late teens. Activities such as camping in northern Michigan, fishing streams and lakes throughout mid- and western Michigan, and small game and deer hunting were passions until the mid-1980s, when travel to the West Coast and to Europe began to consume an increasing amount of spare time and money. But the most dominant passion for Jung, besides Joni, is fatherhood, and he is most proud of his three children.

Jung reads widely in a number of disciplines, though literature has always held the highest position among his interests. His favorite modern fiction writers are Louise Erdrich, William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, and Jose Saramago.

Jung resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.